Online Marketing For Locksmiths



keys locksmith marketing seoAre you a locksmith and want to get your locksmith web site to number one in Google? Well it can be a pretty daunting task for a small business to get on the front page of google without a lot of work. Many of the locksmith sites these days are actually made by SEO professionals who spend a lot of time and resources to get a page to the top of Google.

Locksmith search terms are highly sought after. Every job or lead you get is worth real money, and there are a lot of companies in competition with you for the front page real estate.

My name is John Magee. If you are a locksmith company and need help with your internet marketing I can help you get your site higher in the rankings and onto the front page of Google. Not only that I can write real content for your website that people will want to read! Yes, I am a Locksmith by trade. I understand what the public are searching for and can target your site to catch their searches.

SEO for locksmiths is more then just adding links. I can also use social media to target customers. There is not much point having a worldwide audience if you just do work in Ohio! I can target the customers who are in your area! Geographical targeting is one of the best uses of social media for locksmiths.

Niche groups can also be tarteted with your SEO. If you want more Business Customers, then they can be targeted. If you want to advertise your services to car yards, then why not seek them out and market to them.

I can give you real content that your locksmith customers are searching for. Content is what makes a site truly unique and it is what Google uses to match its searches to your prospective customers. I make the content the best quality and as useful to your customers as it can be. We target the content to your niche locksmith business. No two locksmith businesses are exactly the same, neither should their content be.

I want to get real results for your locksmith business. Phone calls mean money. My aim is to make your phone ring and put you to the top of the search engine rankings.

Take the next step to making your phone ring. Select one of our locksmith SEO Packages or locksmith marketing tools and give us a try. We dont have any lock in contracts. If you are not happy with my service then you can stop at any time. All you have to gain by using my SEO services for your locksmith business is higher rankings.

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